Girls Trip to US Virgin Islands

I have a group of close girl friends that have been talking about vacationing together for a long time. Finally, three of us decided it was finally going to happen; we were going to make it work. And by golly, it did! Between our busy schedules we were all free Halloween weekend, so we immediately jumped on the chance and booked flights to Saint Thomas – and began our countdown to the land of pristine beaches and fruity beverages.

(October 30 2015) Day 1. Leaving Boston, Arriving in St Thomas.

008In order to make the most of our long weekend, we booked a super early flight that resulted in a 4am wake-up call. But it was all worth it once we landed in St Thomas and were greeted by a rum tasting at the airport. When we went outside we were immediately in awe of the lush surroundings and hot weather. Everything was just so beautiful! We picked up our car rental and adjusted to driving on the left-hand side of the street. We found our Air BnB apartment, changed into more appropriate clothing for the weather, and then drove into Red Hook for lunch. We ended up at Tap & Still, where we got some delicious and fresh burgers and fries.

Afterwards, we drove to Sapphire beach and ended the late afternoon in the warm water while sipping some cold beers. We did some grocery shopping and cooked a quick dinner at the apartment. We enjoyed the evening on our porch  with the amazing view, sipping on mango daquiris before falling asleep very early, dreaming of the day to follow.

(October 31 2015) Day 2. St Thomas.

We woke up fairly early and ate a quick breakfast at the apartment before packing our beach bags with lunch and snacks, soda and rum. We then drove to Coki Beach. We were early enough and off-season enough that we had almost the entire beach to ourselves. We lounged in the sunshine, in disbelief of how beautiful the ocean and its surroundings were.

iPhone 076Coki Beach ended up being very lively by mid-afternoon. There was a DJ playing music, bartenders delivering fruity beverages, and locals selling hand-made jewelry – we actually bought matching bracelets/anklet from one of these vendors, she even customized them! Once we had our fill of sunshine and drinks – which was many hours after our arrival – we finally packed up and drove back to our apartment.

And then we remembered it was Halloween! Being from New England, it was easy to forget that it was late October without the chill weather and fallen leaves everywhere (not that we were complaining). We decided to spend the evening at Red Hook. We had a sushi dinner at RAW, followed by a bar crawl of the area: MeLt, Island Time Pub, Molly Malones (where we saw a fire dancer, and an illusionist we walked out on due to creep factor), Tap & Still, and Love Shack. We were not in costume ourselves, but had fun watching other costumed bar-goers, many of which seemed to be young adults who worked on the island.

(November 1 2015) Day 3. Day Trip to St John.

We began the next day a little slower due to the later night and bar hopping. We again had breakfast at apartment and packed our bags with lunch and snacks. We stopped at Mo’s grocery to refresh our drink supply and then hopped on the ferry to St John!

038The ride over was smooth and scenic, and then we took a group taxi to Trunk Bay. Unfortunately, we found out that we were not allowed glass bottle on the beach, and since that was all we brought with us we had to hide our beer in the nearby trees. Disappointed, we were soon rejuvenated by the amazing beach. Like, we couldn’t believe that anything could beat Coki and St Thomas – but this did. Perfect water – both clear and warm, soft sand, mountains to gaze at, and the endless horizon. Oh, I wish I was back there now!

042We also rented snorkel masks to look at the fish below – they had a snorkel trail, and I saw stingray! We also bought some (overpriced) St John towels, but these unfortunately were soon soaked by a rain shower. This rain shower also brought about lightening warnings from life guards, so we took a hiatus from the beach for a bit before following the crowds back to the shore. When we finally had too much sun and sunburns, we packed our stuff and took a pretty scary open-air taxi ride back – fast corners along the mountainsides, noisy engine that felt ready to stop working any second…but a beer in hand and my friends by my side kept me sane.

We took the ferry back to St Thomas and ate dinner right next to the dock at Fish Tails. Exhausted from the sun, we ended the night in at the apartment, packing and drinking our neglected beers – which we re-found in the bushes!

(November 2 2015) Day 4. Leaving St Thomas, Heading Home.

060Our last day! Waking up sad, but early in order to fit in a half day of beach time before going to the airport. First we walked from our apartment over to Turtle Bay, which is a part of the Ritz-Carlton. However, we were a little disappointed. The weather and scenery were nice, but the water was pretty dirty – maybe we were just spoiled by the previous day’s beach, but we decided to walk across the street and try Muller Bay instead. Glad we did! It was smaller and less populated, but the water was beautiful. We stayed for a couple hours admiring the boat view and soaking in as much of the vacation as we could.

And then, we walked back to the apartment, got dressed, and drove to the airport. However, before boarding the plane we did get some tasty Caribbean food and fruity beverages at the STT airport. One last memory on our adventure.

iPhone 075


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