2015 is Already Over?

I know I say this every year, but each year seems to fly by even faster than the last! 2015 was another good one. Not as “exciting” as 2014, but it’s nice to have things start to settle down at my job and school. And amidst all of the settling, I did get the chance to visit a new US destination (Portland, ME) as well as the US Virgin Islands of St Thomas and St John – which are close enough to fulfilling my desire to travel abroad once per year. I also got to visit my family in Seattle and San Diego, as well as visit the crazy city of Las Vegas once more!

And now I’m ramping up for an exciting 2016. This year I turn 30 and (finally) finish my Masters degree! I cannot describe how excited I am to be so close to finished with school. Classes have been fulfilling, and I love to learn, but after four years my wallet and schedule are ready for a break!

And yes – I’ll be travelling, too : ) Already on the 2016 docket are Belize mere days away and an in-law family cruise to the Eastern Caribbean this summer. I’m also hoping to make time to visit family in Seattle and Florida, and finally book some long weekend trips to Vermont and Canada (either Montreal or Quebec) with my husband.

Wishing you all a safe, happy, and healthy New Year!


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