Planning: Las Vegas & San Diego

I’m flying to Las Vegas one week from today! I’m excited to return to that crazy city, and since I was there only a year ago this trip will be more focused on some quality rest and relaxation instead of feeling pressured to see all of the sights and party all night. I’m mostly planning to take full advantage of the Paris hotel’s pool, and fit in some of the things I didn’t have time for last year. Here’s my tentative list of attractions I’m hoping to fit in:

  • High Roller (and on the cheap, thanks to Groupon)
  • Laugh Factory (we went last year, too, but this year will also be cheaper thanks to Groupon)
  • Eiffel Tower Experience
  • Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art – bonus, they’re currently featuring a Picasso Exhibit
  • Titanic Exhibit at Luxor
  • Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay
  • Gondolier March at Venetian
  • Bellagio Fountain Show (again)
  • Bellagio Gardens (again)
  • Cosmopolitan’s P3 Studio
  • Imperial Palace Auto Collections

Am I missing anything? I’m only in Vegas for three full days, so all of these might not be realistic. But you never know! There will also surely be some delicious meals, fruity cocktails, and gambling involved. But those won’t be quite as priority as last year’s trip, since Sean is really going for his work conference and I’m simply tagging along for the ride. Finally, I’m hoping to fit in another show (last year we saw Mystere) but Sean’s schedule is still unconfirmed and we don’t want to spend the money without knowing when he’s definitely available.

And then we’re driving to San Diego to see my sister! On the way we will definitely make at least one stop to break up the 5+ hours of driving. We’re thinking either a nature walk at Joshua Tree or sipping some wine in Temecula – any suggestions on best JT trails and/or Temecula wineries to check out?

Once in San Diego, we will mainly be focusing on family time, plus some more relaxation in Ocean Beach. Did I mention already how excited I am for some time off from work and responsibilities at home? : )


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