Transition to 2015

Well, to say that 2014 was a big year for me is a bit of an understatement. I got married, bought my first car, and got a new job! It also wasn’t a bad year for travelling: I fulfilled my quotas of travelling abroad (Aruba) as well as visiting at least one new city within the US (Las Vegas), and also got to check off the Grand Canyon from my travel bucket list =) On top of those milestones Sean and I were able to fit in an early trip to visit my sister in San Diego, and spend Thanksgiving in Florida with my parents in Miami and his sister in Long Key.

Looking ahead at 2015, I’m not exactly sure what to expect! I just found out that I’ll be sent to Tacoma, WA (which is conveniently located very close to my family) in February for a work event. I also have two weddings to attend, both in Maine and both Memorial Day weekend. On the home front, Sean and I have some big plans brewing in our minds, as well as a possible sister + significant other trip, but nothing yet in the real planning stages. First we need to confirm our school and work schedules to see what kind of timeline we’re working with. All I know at the moment is that Sean is very excited that the US dollar has finally surpassed the Canadian dollar, so an excursion across the northern border may be in sight! I personally have been daydreaming about a tropical vacation…but that’s probably due to the cold weather we’ve been getting in Boston lately.

Happy 2015!


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