Honeymoon Booked!

I’m excited to say that we just officially booked our Honeymoon!! Sean and I will be travelling to Aruba in May for one week (Monday through Monday). I’m very excited – neither of us have been to Aruba before, and the pictures and stories from friends make it sound dreamy!

We’re staying at an all-inclusive resort we found on trusty TripAdvisor: Tamarijn Aruba. We decided that after the months of preparations and decision-making for the wedding, it will be nice to go to a pre-paid experience during which my hardest decision is which kind of fruity cocktail I want with my breakfast =)

Now it’s time to work on the itinerary! I know that I definitely want to go snorkeling. Ever since doing so in Puerto Rico, I’ve been dying to do it again! I also want to explore downtown Oranjestad, see some of the island’s natural bridges and national parks, and maybe check out the aloe museum and gold mill ruins. And spend lots of time on the beach reading, relaxing, and drinking. Oh, and relishing in the fact that I’m finally married to the love of my life (of course)!!

Has anyone else ever been to Aruba? Do you have suggestions of places to go and activities to take part in?


2 thoughts on “Honeymoon Booked!

  1. Hello Julia!!

    First of all congratulations!! I read your blog and found it amaziiingly amazing that you’re coming to Aruba! I live here, so reading your nice comments of my island makes me soooo happy because I am very proud to say that the island has got 150% better than what it used to be already. There’s nothing as a boring day on Aruba.. I used to work by the Divi All-inclusive as a Front desk, so I know almost everything about Divi and Tamarijn all-inclusive because they are two in one! You can make use of both hotels and there’s a golf cart that travel guest every 5-10 minutes to eacht hotel. It’s amaziiiing, and by the Tamarijn you’ll have Beach Front rooms for the perfect sunset with your husband. Very romantic in my opinion! Make sure you bring a proof of marriage, it can be an invitation or anything else that really proofs it. This way you’ll receive what’s called “The Honeymoon Package” This package includes a bag with white/red wine or it can be even champagne with two toast glasses and shirts with the hotel’s name written on it as souvenirs. Also you will have a sunset dinner that’s complimentary from the hotel. So remember that!. For the rest, you will have everything you need!

    As far from the island itself, snorkeling is one of the beast ideas! There are some beautiful reefs. Also if you want to go to Downtown Oranjestad it’s less than 10 min away from your hotel by bus. Once you get there you can get on one of the small trolley trains that will drive you around the whole mainstreet where the Local shops are. So they are actually more cheaper than the touristic areas. The beaches and specially the one by your hotel, is great! White sand all over and definitely a couple steps away from your front door.

    I would recommend you to also check baby beach, that has been very popular around here. This is on the other side of the island, where I live, and tourist just love this beach. Taxi will charge you a lot of money, so ask the public transportation. They can bring you there for sooo much less. Also you can check the California Lighthouse for another beautiful sunset. This is the other point of Aruba, it’s very near from your hotel. Or even go to The Palm Island!! This is also an all-inclusive island 5-10 minutes away from the island! There is so much to do here! Go to google and check all of these places!!

    I am so sorry, I got so excited and maybe wrote a little to much, but I really want you to have the best experience just like your friends did. It’s because of people like you that I am so happy where I live. If you have any questions feel free to ask! And please remember to tell me how it was on the island. One Happy Island it’s called..

    Hope you enjoy my mini review! Byeeee Juliaaa…


  2. Hi Jessica – thank you so much for all of this great information! You’ve definitely helped, and I’ve added a bunch of things to my list : ) Baby beach, the lighthouse, and taking the trolley to the main street shops sound wonderful. Thanks also for your tip regarding the Honeymoon package; we’ll definitely be sure to pack one of our invitations. I’m so excited, and it’s only a few months away!

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