Last Minute Family Vacation

My dad’s mom and sisters live in Seattle, so I’ve been there with my family probably a dozen times. And now that my Nana is approaching 96 years old, I try my best to make it out there at least once a year. My last trip was back in April 2012, so I was due for a visit. I found out that my parents were going the week of May 20th, which happened to be during my break between Spring and Summer semesters, so I booked a semi-last minute ticket. Little did I know that both of my sisters were doing the same! Then commenced a super awesome, albeit short, family reunion in Seattle.

(May 22 2013) Day 1. Flying out from Boston, Landing in Seattle.

Space NeedleI worked a full day in Boston and didn’t leave the city until about 8 p.m., so I landed in Seattle around 11 p.m. The rest of the family were already in Seattle, having flown in a various intervals earlier in the week. Despite the late hour my amazing parents, who had rented a van for the week, graciously picked me up at the SeaTac airport and took me to the retirement community where my Nana lives, and where we secured a guest room for my sisters and I stay sleep in for the next few days. Not much else to say, because I got to the room and then promptly fell into bed. (In Boston time it was about 4 a.m. by the time we got to our destination.)

(May 23 2013) Day 2. Seattle.

I woke up the next day bright and early, excited to see my family. Despite the late night I was still running on EST and therefore awake and drinking my coffee by 8 a.m. After my sisters also woke up we went down to my Nana’s apartment to meet her and my parents for breakfast. After eating, we decided to take advantage of the sunshine and SAM Olympic Sculpture Parktake a trip to the SAM Olympic Sculpture Park. We were lucky enough to be in town while the installation by Sandra Cinto was on view. I had never heard of her before, but it was beautiful! The silver and blue wave designs were so intricate and covered the entirety of multiple walls. After sufficiently admiring the work we walked outside to enjoy the weather and sculptures along the winding pathway on the waterfront.

SAM Olympic Sculpture ParkMy aunt had told us about a Native American gallery in the neighborhood, so we stopped there next. Again we were blown away by how gorgeous all of the pieces were – from paintings to carvings to jewelry and more. I wanted to buy every piece of artwork in there, but alas could not afford most on sale. The weather started to get rainy once we left the gallery, so we ran across the street to grab some coffee and hot chocolate before heading back to Nana’s apartment.

By this time we got hungry, so we grabbed a snack to hold us over until happy hour started at a nearby Mexican restaurant, Laredo’s. It was worth the wait, because everything was super delicious (and cheap!). We got queso dip, a couple different kinds of tacos, carne asada fries, spicy shrimp, and $2.50 Tecates! We also were able to convince the bartender to put on the Bruins game…but unfortunately we lost. After we were full and hungry, a little disappointed about the game, we went back home and visited as a family until it was time for bed.

(May 24 2013) Day 3. Seattle.

The next day I still wasn’t adjusted to West Coast time and woke up once more bright and early. Once everyone was awake the whole family ate breakfast together before my sisters, parents, and I headed to the city center to meet my aunt Robin and Joanie for the Northwest Folklife Festival. We were lucky enough to have another fantastic day. We could not have asked for more beautiful weather! We ate vendor BBQ and french fries for lunch, walked around NorthWest Folklife Festivallistening to the various live music and browsing the artist’s merchandise. We then enjoyed a beer in one of the festival’s well-placed beer gardens.

After we finished our beers we headed back to Nana’s and made a (semi) home cooked dinner for the eight of us at the apartment. 

(May 25 2013) Day 4. Flying out from Seattle, Heading Home.

My flight the next day was not until 2 p.m., so I had time to socialize and eat breakfast with entire family in the morning; even Robin and Joanie came over for breakfast. Angela’s flight was a little earlier than mine, so she left around 10 a.m., and then I left around 11:15 a.m. Natalie and parents had an extra day in Seattle. I was jealous, but had plans early a.m. Monday (marching in a Memorial Day parade) and couldn’t afford to be too jet lagged for it. So I took the monorail from the Space Needle to the Light Rail. At least I was able to listen to the Bruins win while on the plane! After a layover, I landed in Boston at 1:30 a.m., when my boyfriend picked me up to take me home sweet home.


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