Summer Vacation Update

So my summer trip is starting to shape up! We have officially booked our hotel for both legs of our stays in Iceland, as well as in Munich. Now we just need to figure out plans for Augsburg (aka hear back from Sean’s uncle), book a car for our second leg in Iceland and any excursions we plan to go on. I know I at least want to take one to the Golden Circle/Gulfross.

Per usual, all of my research was done on trusty TripAdvisor and then priced on Kayak. Reykjavik hotels were selling out fast, so we got one of the last decently-rated and affordable places. I am super excited about our choices in Munich and Stykkishólmur, though. Both of them were reasonably priced and Travelers’ Choice® 2013 Winners! Plus, who doesn’t love making reservations with a woman named Gréta Sigurðardóttir?

So an update on our itinerary:

Yup, still beyond excited. Only 3 1/2 months away! How am I supposed to focus on anything else?


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