San Diego Sister Weekend

In January 2010 my sister Natalie packed up and moved across the country to San Diego, California. At the time I had never been to California, so I knew right away that many visits would be made while she lived there. My other sister Angela had the same idea, so we decided to coordinate schedules and planned our first visit for March right after Natalie’s birthday.

(March 18 2010) Day 1. Flying out from Boston, Landing in San Diego.

San Diego Palm TreeAngela and I landed in San Diego in the late evening and were immediately in love. The heat, the palm trees, the happiness, the coastline – it was all so immediately addictive and welcoming. We were pretty tired from a full day of travelling, so we didn’t do much once we settled into Natalie’s apartment. We simply caught up with each other sharing news and stories and spent the night in, excited for the weekend before us.

(March 19 2010) Day 2. San Diego.

Ocean BeachAfter breakfast we spent our first full day exploring the area that Natalie lived in: Ocean Beach. We walked to the waterfront and were instantly enamored when we discovered dog beach. What seems like hundreds of dogs and their owners were running around, playing fetch, and swimming. For a bunch of dog-lovers, this was happiness embodied.

We then made our way over to the pier. We walked about halfway down the pier and watched the surfers, gulls, and tides. After we had our fill we turned around and wandered along the bluffs. An adventure in itself, we walked along the edge trying to not get wet by the rather large waves. We found various amusing engravings along the walk, and enjoyed each other’s company.

Afterwards we went outside of Ocean Beach and made a brief visit to Mission Beach, which is a bit more touristy. We hung out at an outdoor bar, drinking some cold beverages while watching people take turns on the surf machine.

(March 20 2010) Day 3. San Diego.

Natalie surfingThe next morning we headed over to Pacific Beach to watch Natalie show off her surfing skills for us. She offered to let us try, but it was a bit too cold, and I was a bit too scared, to try surfing for the first time. Hopefully some day I will work up the courage…But in the meantime it was super fun to see our pink-haired sister surfing among the waves!

Afterwards we technically left San Diego and headed North to La Jolla. But first, a noteworthy food moment: we got some ridiculously delicious fish tacos at Taco Surf for lunch. After eating our fill, we visited the outdoor portion of the Museum of Contemporary Art, which features various statues and sculptures. We then gazed at the gorgeous beach and watched some boys skimboarding along the water’s edge. We even headed down ourselves to do a little swimming.

La JollaWe also visited seal beach and saw so many cute seals lying on the beach, relaxing in the sun. Unfortunately, we also witnessed the controversy and protesters who want the beach returned to its original intention – Children’s Pool Beach.

We eventually ended the day by grabbing some portable beverages and watching the sunset back in Ocean Beach. Or, well, that’s how we ended the daytime portion of the day. We ended up going back to Mission Beach to attend a couple of night clubs, including Moondoggies, with Natalie’s roommate and a couple of other friends. 

(March 21 2010) Day 4. San Diego.

Sunset CliffsOn our last full day in California the three of us took a road trip to visit sunset cliffs. It’s almost as if every area we visited was more beautiful than the last. The views here were amazing. We walked along the edge for a bit admiring the horizon and wildlife.

We also made another stop in La Jolla to visit one of Angela’s friends from college, who had since become Natalie’s friend after moving to San Diego. The four of us  spent the afternoon relaxed on the beach, chatting and reading and enjoying the perfect weather.

(March 22 2010) Day 5. Flying out from San Diego, Heading Home.

My flight home was at 11 a.m., so I basically just woke up and went right to the airport. Overall this vacation was a whirlwind trip, little more than a long weekend spent on the other side of the country. However, the experience was amazing and I couldn’t have been happier about spending my first time on the west coast with my two lovely sisters.

San Diego


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