Planning for 2013

I can’t believe that February is over! With that said, my vacation planning for the year has just begun. I have my shiny new set of 2013 vacation days and floating holidays, and you bet I’m going to use them all! So far, I already have some trips booked and/or in the planning stages:

  • Sean turns the big 3-0 on March 17. Unfortunately, he’ll be working full time in Vermont during the big day, but we’re planning to spend a night somewhere else to celebrate when he has a night off earlier in the weekend. Right now it looks like we’ll be going to Keene, New Hampshire. We went there together once before, but again only for one night so I’m sure we’ll have plenty more to explore in town.
  • Shortly after that I’m heading to Dallas, Texas for work to help at one of my company’s customer events. (According to my site’s countdown widget, this is a mere 22 days away!) I’ll be staying in the city for the weekend with a couple of my friends from work. We’ll only have one full day to ourselves, but we already have that day planned out to maximum capacity. There is no way we’d let free airfare go to waste!
  • And then comes the big trip. Last year Sean and I decided that we would finally visit his family in Germany during the year 2013. (I have only been bugging him about making the trip since we started dating back in 2010.) With schedules quickly filling up, we plan to book our plane tickets very soon. We’re thinking we’ll go in late August after the Summer semesters are over for both of us. The family we plan to visit lives in Augsburg, so we’ll have to fly to Munich (shame, right?). During my searches, Icelandair tends to have the cheapest fares so it’s also likely we’ll take them up on their offer for a free stopover in Reykjavik! I’m so excited that I’ve already purchased guidebooks for Munich and Iceland, and bookmarked many Tripadvisor sites and online tips for visiting basically any part of Iceland and Germany.
  • And then somewhere amidst all of this I need to make my annual trips to visit my sister Natalie in San Diego and my Nana in Seattle.

I think that sums up my plans in progress for 2013…but there’s always room for more weekend trips! Throw in a couple of weddings to attend, and this year is going to be busy! Good thing I love to travel : )


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